Diggers Rest Builders Cleaning You Can Count On

Having just built or renovated property to create your ideal living space, you’re no doubt excited to move in. But before you do that, it’s important to give the space thorough builders clean to get it “move in ready”.

Whether there’s dried paint that needs scraping away, excess construction debris that needs removing from the site or generally dust and residue resting on every surface; cleaning a post-construction or post-renovation site is no small job.

Rather than tackle the project yourself, call Builders Cleaning Melbourne. Our highly trained professionals scrub every surface, steam-clean carpeted areas, vacuum where necessary and dust every nook and cranny – we even clean the grout between tiles. When you hire us for a comprehensive builders clean in Diggers Rest, you can rest assured that we think of everything, and we carry out the job in a streamlined manner.

What’s included in our Diggers Rest builders cleaning services?

At Builders Cleaning Melbourne, we adopt a “no stone unturned” approach to every Diggers Rest property that we clean. After developing a clear plan of action for how to go about cleaning your home or commercial space as efficiently as possible, our friendly professionals get to work.

  • We scrub every surface of the kitchen and bathroom, including the inside of cabinetry, cupboards and appliances
  • Comprehensive window cleaning (interior, exterior, frames and tracks) without leaving spots or water marks
  • All hard flooring, every skirting board, every part of the joinery, switches, plugs, every surface of every door – all of it is dusted and wiped down
  • All carpets are vacuumed and steam-cleaned
  • Your garage gets scraped and swept, dusted, and all fittings/fixtures wiped down
  • Any linen that needs cleaning, we’ll wash and dry it for you

Whether you require construction site cleaningretail building cleaning or otherwise; you can trust us to leave your site immaculate and ready for furnishing.

10+ years’ experience in comprehensive Diggers Rest builders cleaning services

As a fully insured company that provides every client with a site-specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), you can enjoy peace of mind that Builders Cleaning Melbourne is committed to mitigating the risk of any damage occurring to your property during the cleaning process.

All of our professional cleaners hold white cards and scissor boom licenses, in addition to regularly undergoing retraining to ensure we stay at the forefront of Diggers Rest’s builders cleaning industry.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority – if you’re not happy with our level of service, then neither are we.

Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Ready for a free tailored quote?

If you would like a free upfront quote that’s tailored to your specific Diggers Rest property, please call us on (03) 9069 0940 or email info@incredibleclean.com.au and a friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.