How we changed the way we do builders cleaning in Melbourne because of covid-19

In this article, I’m going to discuss how we are cleaning construction sites differently since the COVID-19 crisis.
At builders cleaning Melbourne, we have been in the construction cleaning industry for decades and I have mastered the art of transforming construction sites into completed home, apartment or commercial building leaving them sparkling clean and shining to their full potential. We have come up with our own way of doing things with set procedures and routine on how we do each job from start to finish but with the current COVID-19 pandemic we have had to rethink the entire way we clean a building site in order to confidently hand over the home with confidence and for peace of mind for the homeowner and builder alike.

Firstly let’s look at what is a builder’s clean and what l goals would normally achieve

As the name States an “after builders clean” is a full detail clean of all interior surfaces and is done after a builder has completed the construction of a home. As you could probably imagine there is a mess Left Behind after the building process from all of the other trades which can include a thick layer of dust that is everywhere, paint overspray, sawdust and excess concrete and mortar left on the window frames and glass as well as excess grout and grout Haze on tiled surfaces. The goal of a builder’s cleaner is to showcase the builders work as it was intended, brand new, sparkling clean and free from dust and just like the homeowner would have in there mind when purchasing a Brand New home.

Now lets look at what we are doing difrently

On top of the already large task that is a builders clean, we have to start looking at things we can do differently to handover the property to its new owner with confidence and peace of mind for its owner as well as the builders.
So here’s what we are doing with this added goal in mind.
We had a good look into what different cleaning products we can use to help fight against the virus and products containing sodium hypochlorite, Isopropanol along with Ethanol have furthermore we are also taking extra measures upon completion of each job like going over every surface with an appropriate disinfectant one last time. Only once all surfaces have been cleaned as studies have shown that any disinfecting or sanitizing works much better when all surfaces and areas have been cleaned properly to remove any soiling furthermore we are wiping down plus disinfecting all touchpoints ie light switches powerpoints door handles cupboard Doors & doorknobs.
At BUILDERS CLEANING MELBOURNE we are here to help all builders in Melbourne with their after builders cleaning and construction cleaning needs and have the solutions that work for you and your customers in this uncertain time give us a call today and find out how we can help you. Or click here to book a free quote now.

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