What Is A Builders Clean?

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If you’ve recently completed construction work on your property – whether it’s a bathroom renovation, building your entire home from scratch or commercial construction-work in your shop/restaurant – chances are you’re staring at a collection of extremely dirty and dusty rooms, trying to figure out how to go about cleaning it.

Post-construction cleaning is a mammoth job, and one that requires extensive industry experience in order to get right. If you’re wondering what is a builders clean, or you’re considering hiring professional builders cleaners and you’re wondering what’s included in the service, the short answer is: everything that’s required!

What do our builders cleaning services include?

At Builders Cleaning Melbourne, we don’t consider the job done until every surface is impeccable – skirting boards, windowsills, doors and door frames, floors, carpets, inside cabinetry, and more. Any fixtures and fittings that have been installed during the building work will also be cleaned as part of our professional builders cleaning.

The point of a builders clean is to transform the space from a post-construction site into a place that’s ready to move furniture into and start living in. This requires a “no stone left unturned” approach that our expert team is well-versed in.

While we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive end-to-end solution that takes all the stress out of your post-construction moving day plans, there are a few things you can do to help us streamline the process. For example, try to have all the furniture and belongings out of the property before we arrive on-site, as this allows us to get stuck straight into it.

Our professional builders cleaning takes care of everything

On cleaning day, we’ll show up at your property and get straight to work, with the whole process generally taking a few hours (depending on the size of your property and extent of the mess!). Upon completion, we’ll check in with you to check that you’re 100% satisfied with the finished product, before packing up our equipment and vacating the property for you – it’s that easy.

Call us for a free quote today

For all your residential builders cleaning, renovation cleaning, window cleaning or retail cleaning needs, get in touch for a quote. We have a set square metre rate for full transparency, our cleaners have more than 10 years’ experience, and we’ll provide you with a site-specific SWMS for the job. Call us to speak with a friendly Builders Cleaning Melbourne professional today.

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