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So you’ve finally completed construction or renovation to create your ideal living space, and now you want to move in as quickly as possible? There’s one last step to take care of first, and thankfully our reliable team can do it for you – a thorough builders clean to convert your construction site into a “move in ready” space.

At Builders Cleaning Melbourne, we clean newly built or renovated residential and commercial spaces to an impeccably high standard. By the time we’re done with your property, every piece of construction debris is disposed of, every flick of dried paint scraped away and every speck of dust removed.

Every surface is spotlessly clean before we consider the job done – from floor to ceiling, garages, bathrooms, kitchen, windows and carpeting too. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on the logistics of moving in.

There’s no need to bother with the headache of preparing your post-construction site for furnishing – our team will do a comprehensive job with quick turnaround, for competitive prices.

Our Malvern builders cleaners go above and beyond

With years of expertise under our belts working in the construction industry, we know exactly what it takes to carry out a satisfactory clean of a building site. Rest assured, we think of everything – from the interiors of kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets to the tops of doors, the grout between tiling, skirting boards, electrical sockets and more.

Our Malvern builders cleaning services leave no stone unturned. We follow our own tried-and-tested method for ensuring we carry out every cleaning job in an efficient and streamlined manner, so that you can move your furniture in as soon as possible.

Our carpet steam-cleaning removes things like dustmites, pet dander, particle pollution and other potential allergens from the fibres of your carpeting. We sweep, vacuum and mop every inch of hard flooring and scrub down other surfaces to eliminate all of the dust that inevitably settles once construction work is over.

Not only do we use eco-friendly cleaning products wherever possible, but we’re vigilant about strictly adhering to Occupation Health & Safety standards at all times. As a fully insured business, every employee holds a white card and scissor boom license, and you’ll be provided with a site-specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) before we commence cleaning, for your peace of mind.

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