Residential Builders Cleaning: Dust Be Gone!

Welcome to the final stage of your dream home or renovation journey – making it sparkle! With our professional cleaning services, we turn your construction site back into a cosy, inviting home.

  • Transforming Construction Chaos: Our experts swoop in to eliminate stubborn soil, debris, and those pesky muddy tracks, transforming your space from a work zone to a comfort zone.


Builders Cleaning Melbourne specialises in post-construction cleaning for both domestic builders and renovators throughout Victoria. Ready to see your space shine? Give us a ring at (03) 9069 0940 and let us work our magic.

Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Builders Cleaning Melbourne gives after-form cleaning to domestic builders and renovators in Victoria the same.

Call us today on (03) 9069 0940 to figure out how we can help you.

Expertise Where It Counts

Post-construction mess is inevitable, but dealing with it doesn’t have to be your job. While your building team crafts the structure, their cleaning skills might not match their construction expertise. Common post-build residues include:

  • Deep-seated dirt in carpets
  • Dust layers on every surface
  • Overlooked scuffs and marks
  • Hidden nooks filled with sawdust

A quick sweep isn’t going to cut it. For that deep, thorough cleanse that makes your home truly move-in ready, we’re here to help.

The Importance of a Clean Start

Moving into a space that still feels like it’s under construction? That’s a no from us! Beyond aesthetics, a professional post-build clean is crucial for:

  • Healthier Living Spaces: Dust and construction by-products can compromise air quality, especially for the young, elderly, or asthmatic. Our detailed cleaning removes these hazards, ensuring your home is a safe haven.
  • Legal Peace of Mind: Builders have a responsibility towards their clients – unaddressed hazards like leftover nails or excessive dust can lead to legal headaches. Our comprehensive cleaning service helps you avoid these pitfalls, ensuring a smooth handover.
  • Showcasing Your Dedication: A spotless home delivery reflects your commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. It sets you apart in the industry as a builder who goes the extra mile for their clients’ comfort.

Window Cleaning: A Clear Difference

If windows have been a cleaning challenge, leave it to us. Standard home remedies often fall short of achieving that streak-free shine. Our professional window cleaning service involves a three-step process:

  1. Scrubbing: We tackle grease, grime, and pollutants.
  2. Squeegeeing: Professional tools remove over 99% of residues.
  3. Detailing: Frames and sills are left spotless, ensuring only clear views remain.

Our pricing is as straightforward as our cleaning services:

  • Per Square Metre Rates: Easy quoting from plans.
  • Dual Clean System: Includes an initial and a final clean for pristine results.
  • Fixed Price Window Cleaning: Opt for standalone window cleaning at a clear, set price.

Transparent Pricing, Stellar Results

Set Square Metre Rate

Set square meter rate on all cleaning. Which means we can quote off the plans.

Includes Two Cleans.

Rate includes two cleans one pre caulking clean and one final clean.

Set Price Window Cleaning.

Set price for window cleaning if you would like us only to do your window cleaning.

Spotless Finish, Every Time

No project is too big or small for Builders Cleaning Melbourne – from sprawling commercial constructions to cosy residential builds, we showcase the best of your project with our Builders, Construction, and Window cleaning services. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s west, we cover the entire city with over 15 years of industry experience.

Embrace the clean start your project deserve – contact us today and let us reveal the true beauty of your work, one clean space at a time.