Afterbuild Cleaning Gives Your Development a Showroom Finish

Once all the hard work is done and you’re gearing up to put your property on the market, it’s vital to give it that showroom-ready look and feel.

Our new-build cleaners in Melbourne work hard to eliminate all dust and debris leftover from the construction phase, as well as any remaining stains that may have been missed during the process. Within this service, we also thoroughly attend to all other areas of the property – whether residential or commercial – to ensure every nook and cranny is given the utmost attention to detail.

With professional equipment in tow, we use best-in-market products to create an impressive result. If you’re looking for renovation or residential post-construction cleaning – that hits the mark, we’re ready to show you what we can do.

How we give Melbourne builders the final construction clean they need

We know you’ve poured hours upon hours into your development, so we strive to ensure we give it the sparkling touch that makes it the head-turning asset it can be.

In the beginning, our team will thoroughly inspect every inch of your property so that a house clean after builders have finished their work is done to the best possible standard. This approach also ensures we know exactly what’s required for the job and gives us the capacity to structure a plan properly.

After the initial inspection, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of how much time each aspect should take to complete. If there are spaces where additional attention needs to be paid, we will let you know upfront.

The first stage of this kind of service involves removing rubbish, dust and debris from the site. Clearing up gyprock dust is usually done partway through the construction process, but if there is any leftover, we’ll also make sure these are removed.

In the end, we’ll eliminate all mess, clutter and grime left from the construction process, allowing you to get your property move in ready. Our experts will make sure everything is attended to before they leave.

Do you really need an end-of-build clean?

Long story short: yes. No matter what kind of property or project you’ve just finished work on, the construction phase is messy and can also pose a hazard when not thoroughly attended to by a professional in this line of work.

While you can complete some of the work yourself, our services are designed to ensure every possible feature of your development is tidy, safe and ready for everyday liveability. More so, we save you time and money that allows you the freedom to focus on what you really specialise in – creating impressive properties.

We believe post-construction house cleaning is one of the most important boxes to tick on a builder’s checklist. Whether you’re looking to move into the property afterwards or put it on the real estate market, trusting an expert team like ours ensures you’re given the best possible outcome.

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