Post-Construction Window Cleaning: Should You Clean It Yourself?

So it’s been a few days (or weeks) since the construction crew finished up and left the site of your newly built or renovated home. You’re eager to move in and the last thing on your mind is probably post-construction window cleaning. However, this is something that you definitely don’t want to overlook.

Construction work is messy business and it leaves behind a lot of dust and debris, which can damage your windows if not cleaned up quickly. When left unaddressed, this dirt and grime will bake itself onto the glass and become a permanent fixture.

Not only that, but unfinished construction tends to attract pests like rodents and insects. By hiring a professional window cleaning service, you can avoid all these potential problems and ensure your windows are clean and streak-free.

Here’s a few reasons why hiring professionals to clean your windows post-construction is a good idea

  • First of all, glass is easily scratched and damaged. By hiring experienced builder’s cleaners, you can enjoy peace of mind that they use specialised equipment to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your new windows without damaging the glass (and of course, any damages that did occur would be covered by warranty and/or insurance).
  • Secondly, there’s more to window cleaning than just the glass – a professional builder’s cleaning team will remove all dirt and debris from inside the tracks, wipe down all the window frames, and comprehensively clean every component that makes up the interior and exterior of your new build’s windows.
  • Finally, there’s often specks of paint, dried concrete, window stickers, silicone and other leftover builders’ residue to deal with. Whereas a standard DIY clean won’t manage to clear this stuff away, you can guarantee a professional builder’s cleaning service will!

Builders Cleaning Melbourne will ensure your windows are 100% immaculate before you move in

How do you clean new windows after construction? You don’t – you call Builders Cleaning Melbourne for efficient, reliable and affordable window cleaning services from qualified and experienced professionals.

We have 10+ years’ industry experience and an endless list of satisfied clients right across Melbourne, from residential households to commercial businesses and even industrial sites. We do everything from post-renovation cleaning and retail building cleaning to end of lease cleaning, window cleaning and more.

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