After Builders Cleaning Checklist : What Is Included in a Standard Construction Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning?

Construction cleaning and domestic builders cleaning are two different types of cleaning, each with its own set of procedures and techniques. Understanding the differences between these two types of cleaning is crucial to ensure the right services are employed to meet your needs, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner.

What is Standard Construction Cleaning?

Construction cleaning is a comprehensive process that involves meticulous planning and attention to detail. Its primary goal is to clean up a construction site after work has been completed, making it safe, clean, and ready for occupancy.

Below a simple after builders clean checklist:


Safety is the most critical aspect of any construction cleaning process due to the potential hazards present on construction sites. This includes checking for damaged cords or cables, using appropriate protective equipment such as hard hats, gloves, and eye protection, and ensuring all tools are put away safely when not in use.

Debris Removal

The next step in construction cleaning involves removing debris from the premises. This includes sweeping up any large chunks of dirt or rubble and disposing of them in designated containers. Heavy-duty vacuums or industrial sweepers may also be used to help get rid of any dust particles or smaller bits of debris that have been left behind.


After debris removal, the cleaning process begins. Surfaces like windows, walls, doors, and floors need to be thoroughly washed down with appropriate cleaning products such as detergents and disinfectants. Specialised tools such as pressure washers, mops, and brushes may also be needed for more stubborn areas.

Final Touches

The last step involves polishing all fixtures including kitchen cabinets, sinks, taps, shower fixtures, and bathroom fittings. Glass surfaces should be cleaned to get rid of smears and fingerprints. All carpets need to be vacuumed or steam-cleaned for a deep clean. Upholstery may require a specialist cleaning service as well.

What is Domestic Builders Cleaning?

Domestic builders cleaning, on the other hand, is a deep, thorough cleaning that removes all the dirt, dust, and debris left behind after construction or renovations. This type of cleaning is more thorough than standard cleaning – everything from the floors to the ceiling will be cleaned during a builders clean.

Builders cleans often require special equipment like ladders and scaffolding to reach hard-to-reach places, and special cleaning solutions and chemicals to remove stubborn stains and grime. It’s a service usually performed by professional cleaning companies that specialise in this type of work.

Benefits of Domestic Builders Cleaning

While both construction cleaning and domestic builders cleaning aim to clean up and make a space ready for use after construction, they differ in their approach and scope. Construction cleaning focuses on safety and general site cleanup, while a builder’s clean is a more detailed, deep-cleaning process that aims to leave the space spotless and ready for immediate use. Both, however, are crucial steps in the post-construction process and ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

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